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2003.09.26 - Il Messaggero Ed. Roma - IT - I Queen al ristorante riconosciuti dalla carta di credito
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Brian May e Roger Taylor are in Rome for a "secret recording-trip"... They have to record a new commercial for Pepsi Cola..

English Translation thanks to Gnomo:

"Queen at the restaurant - Recognized from a credit card"
(by Roberta PETRONIO).

How do you recognize a rockstar? Wait until it's time to pay the bill.

That might happen if your heroes had such a long and glorious career that you'd never expect them to come and sit at your table. And that's what happened indeed to Gianluca MEO in his restaurant at Porta Cavalleggeri [NOTE: right beside the Vatican].

MEO spent an evening wondering "Is that HIM, or not?", until the credit card confirmed his suspicions: yes, that was drummer Roger TAYLOR, in a leather jacket and black tie. First night he was there alone, the next he returned, like any regular, with friend guitarist Brian MAY, in a red jacket and his lifelong curls.

Together with Freddie MERCURY, who sadly died some 13 years ago, and John Deacon, they have been and still are the legendary "Queen". They are currently in Rome for the recording of a new commercial for Pepsi Cola, being produced in Cinecitta', which brought to the capital several more celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Pink.

The recording studios are in walking distance from the "Happy Goose" restaurant, which features a traditional British setting for a traditional Roman cuisine: focaccia, pasta alla carbonara, pecorino cheese and ham. Only vegetarian food for MAY, Chianti wine and Dolcetto d'Alba for the whole party.

For a soundtrack, music from other legends: Dylan, Santana, Donna Summer. Relaxed and smiling, the two signed autographs, even on the Queen CDs that some fans were listening to in their cars.

Comment to picture 1: "Queen drummer Roger TAYLOR"
Comment to pictures 2-3: "Brian MAY with is musical assistant. Left: Gianluca MEO in his restaurant."
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