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2006.10.xx - Rockstar - IT - Live Forever
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The italian musical magazine RockStar reviews "Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs" double cd and dvd.

English translation:
Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs - The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo - Reviews (article on the left)


Type: POP

Not an unmissable compilation

The question, when a new compilation or a Live album or a collection of nearly unpublished stuff of a missing artist is out, is always the same: was it necessary?
We all know that the one and only intention of a record company is always to sell and make as much money as possible, so it's clear: YES, it was necessary. Here we have a compilation of the most famous songs sang by the brilliant voice of Mercury, without Queen, among cover ("The Great Pretender"), duets with the soprano Montserrat Caballè, various remixes and songs taken from his two not famous solo albums.
Really, it seems as a summary of the Solo Collection published in 2000, with some not unmissable remixes added.
(2 stars)


Who Wants To Live Forever?

"Lover of life, Singer of Songs", this is what is written on the statue base in Montreux. Brian May, guitarist of Queen, coins this sentence that gives full justice to the intense artistic and personal life of the great singer born in Zanzibar.
The first of the 2 dvds covers Mercury's life from the childhood to the death, through those glory days with Queen. A well done documentary, objective and sometimes moving: just this piece is worth the purchase of the entire product.
But the 2nd dvd is nice too with videos of Freddie's solo performances and the duets with Montserrat Caballè in Barcelona.
To love Queen is useful but not necessary to appreciate this dvds. After all we're speaking about a piece of Rock History that everybody should know very well.
(4 stars)

LIVE FOREVER (article on the right)

"Here we are, born to be Kings, we're the Princes of the Universe/ Here we belong, fighting to survive in a world with the darkest powers".
7th March 1986, Christopher Lambert enters cinemas all over the world in the immortal Connor MacLeod's shoes for "Highlander". To wander with him through the scottish lands there are, apart from Sean Connery, Queen songs later included in the album A Kind Of Magic.
This picture is taken from the video of "Princes of the Universe", filmed on the original movie's set by the director Russel Mulcahy: Lambert faces Mercury in a bloody duel.
Nobody even know that, but after few months, 9th August, Freddie played with Queen for their last concert in Knebworth. It was the beginning of the end.
Even if, 20 years later, the one and only real immortal becomes just Freddie Mercury.
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