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2008.09.05 - La Stampa - IT - Queen, la vita inizia a sessant'anni

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Thanks to Rossella for the following translation:


The title “The Cosmos Rocks” pays homage to the recent Brian May’s doctorate in astrophysics. The prim, 61 year old Queen guitarist who, until you don’t hear him playing, is “rock” only for his long , worn out curly hair, well represents the generation of those who don’t want to drop and on the contrary they try again. So much that, together with his doctorate, he has finished this album which will be released on the 19th September and will bring back on the market the legendary British band Queen. 

“I like that. I’m happy. After all, we are 60 year old children”. 

Thirteen years after their last album Made In Heaven, with posthumous songs of the never too much missed Freddie Mercury, who died of aids in November 1991, The Cosmos Rocks is a bold if not mad challenge. You must have the guts to go on without that legend. 

“But we didn’t have anything to lose” May cuts short “I think we are a new band now, even if we’ll have to play also the past, not to disappoint people."
 Three years ago Brian May and Roger Taylor (John Deacon has stopped playng after Freddie’s death) have chosen Paul Rodgers (former Free and Bad Company singer) as a vocalist for the 2005 tour. They have composed together and the new album was born. “We are Queen+Paul Rodgers, the agreement is only for this period. But he is like Freddie, he sings out of his heart”. 

Of course Rodgers is good, highly regarded by all musicians. He himself tells us Doors asked him when Jim Morrison wanted to leave them: “But they didn’t find me and now also this experience is not to get celebrity, but a musical fact”.
At first his fusion with Queen appeared as a cold, modest thing. Then the chemistry has grown and the band has found a new sound. 

The 13 songs are good, vibrant with a rock spirit that isn’t easy to find in this period, ideal to be performed live. The album lacks of a certain humour (typical of Freddie) and will be offered cautiously, among sacred hits, in the tour starting in Ukraina, on 12th September, which will have also two Italian dates, by the end of the month. 

The three have rented a cinematographic studio in Hertsfordshire, near London, where they have assembled a huge stage with megascreen and central catwalk and they’re working hard: we have seen the first complete rehearsals, with hits like I Want It All, or I Want To Break Free, or A Kind Of Magic, and we must admit they are succeeding in squaring the circle. May and Taylor are dedicated instrumentalists and Rodgers seems more at ease with the new sounds. 

Besides the name Queen is not an old toy to throw away at all! The musical We Will Rock You, with their songs, has been on stage for 6 years, it has cashed 400 million pounds, much more than their records; Brian says they are thinking about a new musical, called The Show Must Go On, while the film about the band’s life, which he has talked about with Robert De Niro for so long, is in doubt: “I have read a couple of scripts, but I don’t want to expose Freddie too much: I want to protect him."

Brian, you have always had such a little rock’n’roll life-style.
“I have never taken drugs; in that strange rock’n’roll world people said Lsd expanded the mind, but I wanted to understand with my non-altered-own- mind. Of course we’ve had our crazy days and nights. We liked girls, but we preferred to work in the studio”.

Do you miss those crazy times?
“I miss Freddie, but I’m happy with my life”.

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