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2008.09.24 - Metro - FR - God Save The Queen
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English translation thanks to Olivier, too:

Concert of the day : half of the mythc band will play tonight, with Paul Rodgers as lead singer

EVENT. Few bands had been as remarkable in their days as Queen. Their flamboyant rock music spanned through the 70’s and the 80’s, magnified by their charismatic leader, Freddie Mercury. His death in 1991, aged 45, left his partners, the guitarist Brian May, the drummer Roger Taylor and the bassist John Deacon, inconsolable, such as millions of fans around the world.

A new history. After the edition of a posthumous album comprising the last tracks recorded by Freddie Mercury, the three musicians go separate ways. Taylor still play music wile Brian May, after some solo albums, go back into studies in the astrophysical field.
John Deacon, him, retires definitively from the music industry. “Shortly after Freddie’s death, he wrote us a letter saying : “I approve what you are doing, but I don’t want to be part of the adventure anymore”, explains Roger Taylor. “But continue to send me royalties !”. In 2005, May and Taylor recuit Paul Rodgers, lead singer with 70’s bands Free and Bad Company. Together, they start a worldwide tour which meet an almost unexpected success, as full of respect of Freddie Mercury’s memory. “Paul never tried to emulate Freddie. He has his own style, and was famous before us”, says Taylor. “By the way, Freddie admired him a lot”.

This new association just gave birth to a new album called “Cosmos Rock” (EMI), a collection of quite spirited rock titles, such as the excellent “C-lebrity”, on which appears Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters’s drummer, a band from the new generation. “We didn’t want to stay glued in the past. There are quite enough cover bands on the market”, insists Taylor. “We found it more interesting and creative to come back with brand new songs”.
On the tour anyway, the trio should not choose to overlook the classic hits that “We Will Rock You” or “We Are The Champions” are. Bercy is thrilling in anticipation.

From London,
Talia Soghomonian.

“Tonight at 8 PM in Bercy.
Prices : from 56,50 € to 78,50 €.
Brian May’s interview on

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