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Thank you to all this beautiful people who sent me their cuttings by mail or have helped me in some ways:

About this site

I am Ale, the webmaster of I’m 31, I’m married and I have a wonderful daughter called Melissa, born on the 4th September 2006 - one day before Freddie Mercury’s 60th birthday - whom I have dedicated this site to.

I started working on this project in June 2006.

I wanted to share my passion for Queen through my personal website, which I wanted to be different from any other on the same subject. I have put together this desire and my passion for newspaper articles, or simply “cuttings” the international press has dedicated to Queen over the years, since the 70s (I have a decent collection of them), and..

QueenCuttings was first put on line in July 2006. It was a simple Html site, with a layout quite similar to this new version.
I have soon received positive comments from fans around the world who underlined how useful and original and nice in its graphic layout my site was.

Besides I have soon received many contributions: articles from all over the world, completely scanned magazines…
Without the help of many fans who have contributed sending me their articles (you can find them in the credits) QueenCuttings wouldn’t be such a “one-off” site.

By the way: anyone who has got newspaper articles, cuttings, adverts, no matter the language or the period, about Queen or his solo members and Queen + Paul Rodgers can send them to me (my mail is in my profile, "credits" page).
They will be put on line and you will be mentioned in the credits.

The affection I have received during this year has pushed me, despite huge time limits, to start working at the second version, QueenCuttings 2.0 (the version you're watching now).
I wanted to make my site more interactive, with some more functions than a Html average site.

But I am not a computer programmer, so... I’ve had to face a lot of difficulties.

But now the site’s ready.

This new version of QueenCuttings is different from the previous one, more complete with the possibility to search by keyword, add comments about every article, have a list of all those who have sent me something or have helped me in the construction of the site, and everyone ‘s personal profile.

And then, at last, there are the FEED RSS. Through any feed aggregator you can be updated without connecting to the site.

Click here
to know more about what FEED RSS are and how they work.

Moreover, all the articles are now on a database and this means many advantages for me and the updating to come.

From now on QueenCuttings will be my personal “Queen Blog” as well. In the posts in the home page you will read about the new articles which I have just put on line and my comments about what’s happening in the Queen world too.

And now.. Have fun with QueenCuttings!
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