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I’m Alessandro, the webmaster of this site.

I’m Italian, from Milan. I’m 31, I’m married, and I’ve got a daughter who was born on the day before Freddie’s 60th birthday (4th September 2006).
This site is dedicated to her.

I have been a Queen fan since 1991, when Queen’s songs have powerfully got into my life and haven’t gone any more.
In that period, just after Freddie Mercury’s death, you could hear Queen’s songs every day, both on TV and on the radio.
Now, after more than 15 years, that sort of Italian “Queen-mania” is over (even if Italy is one of the countries where Queen still sell well and have lots of fans) but my passion had already taken strong roots and my “projects” had steady foundations…

I have been a member of the official English fan club since 1992 and of the official Italian one since 1995.
One of the photos I took of Brian during the 1998’s “Another World Tour” concert in Milan has been put in the booklet of the first 5,000 copies of “Greatest Hits III”

I’m a decent collector of newspaper articles, cuttings, adverts, and almost everything which is on line on this site comes from my private collection.

But I have been e-mailed a lot of things by some friends from all over the world, who have played their part in making this site a “one off”.

Thanks to everybody!

I have been working on the net since 2005, together with my friend Luca I am the webmaster of, a wonderful Italian Queen fan community.
I had the idea of QueenCuttings in June 2006, I have soon worked on it and… Here I am, since July 2006!

I love spending my time together with my wife and my little daughter, I love music, the 70s’ rock, historic groups like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, artists like John Lennon, Bob Marley and many others.
I love some Italian performers as well, above all Elisa and Vasco Rossi.

I also like to talk about Queen with friends, write e-mails and exchange opinions with fans around the world.
What I like most is to meet fans who have lived at the time Queen was fully operational with Freddie and have had the possibility to see them live in the 70s or 80s…

I’d spend whole days reading or listening to their stories and memories.

E-mail me (delete *AT* and put @) to contact me or send your contribution

Aug. 2007

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