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A digital archive of Queen related cuttings and articles, from newspapers and magazines, from the seventies to yesterday...

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By .:Ale - QueenCuttings webmaster:. (on 31/03/2012 @ 23:07:19, in My blog and updates, read 2104 times)
Dear all, this is my first post after almost 2 years. Sorry - no updates are available and I think there won't be any updates in the future, too. I've just have NO time to keep it up such a big work. I will keep QueenCuttings on line but no updates. Rock on
By .:Ale - QueenCuttings webmaster:. (on 26/07/2010 @ 22:54:10, in My blog and updates, read 4563 times)

My fine friends,
It's been a very long time I don't update my creature QueenCuttings - sorry guys, I became father again, for the 2nd time and my life is absolutely busy since that!
But It's wonderful, too... Now I've got two daughters: Melissa (aged almost 4) and Samanta, that's just 5 months!

By the way, this is my update for today, thanks to the contribution of a friend of mine, Jonathan:
- Record Collector, Jan. 1999 Give It To Me One More Time!
- Record Collector, Jan. 2009 Queen, Past & Present
- Record Collector, Jan. 1992 The Hollywood cd's
- RAW, May 1992 The Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig, a commemorative special
- Mojo, Aug 1999 The second greatest band of all time? QUEEN At last, the outrageus inside story
- Classic Rock, Sept 2009 100 Greatest guitarists of all time chosen by the 100 greatest living guitarists

See you soon guys, I promise you!

Rock on

By .:Ale - QueenCuttings webmaster:. (on 07/12/2009 @ 10:22:57, in My blog and updates, read 4215 times)
By .:Ale - QueenCuttings webmaster:. (on 02/11/2009 @ 22:21:21, in My blog and updates, read 4597 times)

Hi guys all over the world,

this message's just to let you know that I have several new [old] interesting cuttings to add (from 70s and 80s) but I have no time, now, to adjust pics with Photoshop, to make them ok for the web 'cause I'm going to set up, with friends and with the Official Italian Queen Fan Club WWRY ,a special night in Milan, on the 15th Nov., called ABSOLUTE QUEEN.

It's just a matter of days and I'll share again something good to read with you!

Thanks for your support, It makes me feel so proud.

Keep rockin' on

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